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Home CPAP devices and masksCPAP masksNasal vented masks Nasal CPAP Mask ResMed Swift FX Nano

Nasal CPAP Mask ResMed Swift FX Nano

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Nasal CPAP Mask ResMed Swift FX Nano

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Nasal CPAP Mask ResMed Swift FX NanoNasal CPAP Mask ResMed Swift FX NanoNasal CPAP Mask ResMed Swift FX NanoNasal CPAP Mask ResMed Swift FX NanoNasal CPAP Mask ResMed Swift FX NanoNasal CPAP Mask ResMed Swift FX Nano
ResMed's Swift™ FX Nano Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear is a unique blend of a compact nasal cushion and the proven features and technologies found in the ResMed line of Swift™ FX products. Designed with only 3 parts, care and assembly of the Swift FX Nano is easy. The soft materials of the Swift FX Nano make it a great travel option.


  • Compact & Lightweight Design
  • No Cumbersome Forehead Support
  • Low Profile Nasal Cushion
  • SoftEdge Two Point Headgear
  • Lock and Key Tab Hinges
  • Soft Wraps Included
  • Flexible Tubing & Joint
  • Quiet Diffused Venting
  • Compact Design & Clear Line of Sight
The compact design of the ResMed Swift FX Nano features lightweight materials increasing therapy comfort and ease of fitting. The simple design has no need for a cumbersome forehead support or hard frame materials. The support and seal of the nasal cushion is provided by the innovative silicone headgear.

Low Profile Nasal Cushion

The Swift FX Nano uses a nasal cushion to offer a more natural breathing experience. The soft, low profile cushion has a dual wall design lending stability to the mask seal. Further, the cushion includes Spring-Air Technology which evenly distributes the cushion pressure to help avoid red marks. The size and name of the mask are clearly visible on the cushion for identification and orientation of the cushion. ResMed has rated this mask for use from 4 - 30 cmwp.

SoftEdge & Silicone Two Point Headgear

The Swift FX Nano headgear is lightweight and supportive using a unique silicone and cloth design. It attaches to the cushion at only two points limiting contact with the face and fostering an open feeling and good range of vision. The headgear offers two points of adjustment, one at the silicone crown strap and the other at the connection between the SoftEdge straps and crown strap. The innovative tab hinge attachment means once the headgear is set it does not need adjusting.


Lock and Key Tab Hinges

The Swift FX Nano uses the popular tab hinges of the Swift FX Nasal Pillow. The unique lock and key tabs make putting the Nano on and off easy with the quick-release tabs.


Soft Wrap

Included with the Swift FX Nano is a pair of Soft Wraps which can be used to cover the silicone headgear. Use of the Soft Wraps is optional.


Flexible Tubing

The included Spring-flex tubing of the Swift FX Nano is designed to bend and stretch, reducing mask torque and the chance of seal disruption. The cuff connection between the mask elbow and short tubing allows the tube to freely turn 360° and is designed to minimize force to the mask. The short tube also has a swivel at the point where it connects with the long tube going to the machine. The entire length of the flex tubing, including cuffs, is 15 inches.


Diffused Venting

The ResMed Swift FX Nano uses micro exhalation ports positioned on the elbow. The tiny ports diffuse the exhaled air away from the user and bed partner and also help to make the mask quieter during use.