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Terms & Conditions


 The below terms are defined as follows:
 (a) "Site" and “Website” are designated as the website operated by Global Enterprise ltd. or;
 (b) "Goods" refers to the accessories and equipment of a medical nature offered on the site.
 This Agreement covers the terms and conditions that are applicable to you in joining, purchasing from and partaking in any activities on our website. Your use of the site for any activity, including buying, indicates that you consent to its terms of use and you are bound by them. The agreement outlines the nature of the business relationship we have with you, and you with us. It supersedes any other understandings, guarantees or representations pertaining to the website – both prior and simultaneous – that have been or are made to you, and the technologies that are employed to run the website.
 We can effect changes to the agreement, without notice. The agreement found on the website is its latest version, and the agreements herein should be reviewed with due attention before the use of the site.
 The site permits you to shop online for the products as advertised under the following conditions:
 (a) You are 18 years of age or over (and you can qualify this), that you are able to form legally binding contracts, and that you are not suspended from the use of our site and its tools and services (for whatever reason, either permanently or temporarily)
 (b) You do not post or transmit misleading, defamatory, inaccurate, false or libelous information
 (c) You do not damage the rating system
 Signing up requires the provision of your full legal name, your current residence or postal address, and a current and valid email address to which you have access. You must also provide any and all other information that is required to complete the signing up, so that goods can be shipped to your address. You must retain the security of your password and you must take responsibility for all activity and content transmitted or uploaded under your account. No viruses or malicious code of any kind will be transmitted by you onto our site. Your submission of an order through email, phone, or via the website – or any other way – means that you have made a contract for the purchase of the goods on
 The site of has sole discretion in the provision of its payment terms, reserving the right to cancel or deny orders. Unless otherwise stipulated, payment is received prior to the site’s acceptance of an order. Payment can only be made via the following media: PayPal, bank transfer or credit card. Errors on the site of any kind – including those that are price based or typographical in nature – may result in a cancellation on the sale of a product. In cases of mispricing on our catalogs in which the product’s price is actually higher than stated, you may be contacted for instructions before the order is either shipped or canceled. All prices are shown in Euro and are valid for countries within the European Union only. Prices include VAT but – unless stated otherwise – do not include delivery charges.
 Orders can be cancelled by you after we have received them, any time before they are shipped and within seven days of receipt by you, with a full refund excluding the costs of return for which the customer is liable. However, the goods must be returned to us as they were sent to you, unopened and in original packaging, and deemed by us capable of resale. Any goods that are deemed unfit to be resold by the supplier will be returned to the purchaser at their expense. You will receive no refund if the goods have been damaged due to any reason for which you are – or are not – to blame, including negligence. If you are due a refund, it will be processed within thirty days from the return of the goods at the buyer’s expense. shall not be obliged to reimburse the additional costs of returning the goods when the goods have been shipped to countries outside the European Union. Shoppers based in the UK buying items from Europe now have to pay customs or VAT charges on those above a certain value. The additional customs or VAT changes will not be refunded by Any issues pertaining to returning goods should be forwarded to us via the site’s contact form or through email.
 DELIVERY strives to ensure your goods will be received between 5 to 7 working days from your placing (and our receipt) of the order, subject to full advance payment pertaining to the ordered goods via phone or the website. will strive to match any agreed date of delivery within reason, but will not be held responsible for any delay, nor for any losses that may result in the failure to deliver. All delivered goods must be signed on their receipt for by an individual aged 18 or older (this may be you, or a person authorized by you). The condition of the goods must be indicated. It is your responsibility to ascertain the quality of the goods, and if damage has occurred, the driver must be notified immediately and the note signed to this effect before the driver’s departure. Any other defective aspect of the goods that is not noted upon inspection will be regarded as having arisen through your use of the product, its handling and storage by you. The site will not be liable for compensation for such damage. If delivery fails for reasons beyond our control, we may be obliged to charge you for any and all subsequent attempts at delivery or refund you minus the costs that are incurred in attempting to deliver the product. Failure to accept the goods that you have ordered means that we may re-sell the goods elsewhere, and refund you minus the costs to us that have been incurred by us in attempts at delivery to you and their associated transportation and storage.


The buyer is responsible for paying the customs costs such as duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees for importation imposed locally by local customs offices. The buyer is responsible to research their local customs fees and taxes, as the buyer may be charged customs duties and taxes for goods bought on Shipping damage and import taxes are the buyer's responsibility.