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Positioning Chairs


Shop our selection of positioning aids for special needs kids and young adults with disabilities. From positioning chairs and cushions to special needs seats and headrest for your comfort. On this page you can browse adaptive equipment including upper and lower limb support solutions as well as stabilization cushions suitable for any seating position and need for standard and non-standard wheelchair users and more. The benefits of active seating provides the much needed opportunity for the user to freely move and thus develop both their flexibility and general movement capabilities. This is why adaptive seating so important for independent living of people with disabilities requiring proper positioning support. For special children children this applies particularly in aiding their interaction with the environment around them, which is what adaptive seat and positioning solutions provide. The positioning and mobility aids we deliver ensure absolute safety and correct support for the particular need of your special needs child or young adults. Our positioning solutions ensure proper positioning for transportation, exercise and eating.


Our positioning aids are suitable for:

  • cerebral palsy;
  • everyday activities;
  • home school aids;
  • adaptive equipment;
  • children and adults using seating systems;
  • special needs children using medical equipment designed for positioning.
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