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Oxygen Concentrators


Our stationary oxygen concentrators like the Krober Aeroplus and Krober O2 are one of the most popular models among our oxygen therapy clients. We stock one of the largest collections of stationary and portable oxygen machines online and offer them at the lowest prices in Europe, in addition to regularly discounting our line. Each concentrator is shipped to your desired location with all necessary batteries, accecssories, AC power, carry cases, manufacturer warranty and manuals. If you are looking to buy an oxygen concentrator at the best price available, you've come to the right place! Our Pricing for all O2 machines can be viewed below, starting from €662 for stationary models and €2,600 for the portable oxygen devices.

Specialneedsequipment is proud to announce that we stock brand new oxygen devices in addition to discounted refurbished concentrators from the leading medical brands like Krober, ZEN-O, SeQual Inogen, AirSep and more!


Oxygen Concentrators - In Stock, Lowest Price, Regular Discounts and Deals

We carry medical grade devices for patients with respiratory needs, in need of assisted breathing or other related conditions such as COPD. One The portable oxygen concentrators we carry are small, compact and lightweight - capable of being transported practically everywhere in a small backpack. In addition to being portable and easy to carry, the often referred to as "travel" oxygen devices come with long-lasting batteries for continuous oxygen therapy on the go. Unlike heavy oxygen tanks, concentrators will never run out of pure oxygen and will supply the patient with O2 24/7. so long as they are plugged into a power source or to a battery. Paired with a pulse oximeter, oxygen concentrators deliver complete monitored and cost-effective therapy that can be adjusted according to the patient's changing needs.


Brand new or used oxygen concentrator?

You маy opt to buy a refurbished oxygen concentrator. If that be the case, you'll find very affordable options with low prices that range from €600 depending on the oxygen flow per minute, battery and overall condition of the refurbished concnetrator. What you get from us is tried and tested refurbished machines with warranty and the original packaging and accessories. Another ghreat option is to buy a new O2 machine at a big Discount if you wait for our Sale campains, have a oxygen concentrators coupon or contact us directly for discounted pricing if you intend to purchase a large number of these medical grade devices!  


Cost of Oxygen Machines Explained

The cost of oxygen machines depends on many factors mainly related with technical specicifactions, durability and brand. For example a budget oxygen concentrator such as the AirSep VisonAire costs around EUR 800, and it offers up to 5 lpm. It is very cost effective and practically maintenance-free. On the other end of the spectrum are high budget models of the same brand costing more than EUR 1900. An example of this is the AirSep NewLife Intensity, whcih as a high-debit device capable of delivering up to 10 lpm and which is the most durable and capable high-capacity oxygen concentrator in this price range. Such a rather expensive unit, though, comes with a range of features that justify the price and making it suitable for long-term care facilities which depend entirely on high flow untis in order to cover every patient's needs. 


Oxygen Concentrators Price Match Guarantee

There not many oxygen concentrator stores out there that offer a price match guarantee with their devices. The price match gaurantee would ensure that you are not charged more for a product that normally costs much less than listed. Without a guarantee you migh end up paying the seller much more than required. This is why it is important to order oxygen cocnentrators from trusted sellers (preferrably licenced distributors of such medical grade equipment) rather than new stores with questionable reputation. Purchasing from SpecialNeedsEquipment you can rest assured that you are shopping from a trusted medical supply store with a more than a decade of experience and an official distributor of each and every brand we carry. The offers and seasonal deals you see in our store feature the lowest prices you can find online.