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Home CPAP devices and masksBiLevel Devices BiLevel device Hoffrichter POINT2 with Nasal Mask COZY

BiLevel device Hoffrichter POINT2 with Nasal Mask COZY

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  • Weight:
    3.000 Kgs
The product is not available anymore!

BiLevel device Hoffrichter POINT2 with Nasal Mask COZY

BiLevel device Hoffrichter POINT2 with Nasal Mask COZY

The device generates two pressure levels in the S-, ST- or T–mode via an electrically controlled turbine.

Switching from one pressure level to another is realized via a quick change of the revolutions of the fitted high-performance blower to keep the stress for the patient as low as possible.


Spontaneous trigger – the change from one pressure level to another is triggered by starting respiration of the patient only. A decline in pressure to the set lower pressure level also occurs once the inspiration flow ends.


Spontaneous breathing and Time – as long as the patient is breathing independently the device is operating in the S-mode. Once the patient stops breathing the device automatically switches into the T-mode and provides respiration for the patient in the prescribed safety frequency. The delay time after which the device switches into the T-mode can be set.


Time respiration with prescribed, set inspiration time. If the trigger function is deactivated the patient is ventilated according to the set parameters. If the trigger function is activated the device accepts only spontaneous trigger signals in the expiration phase.
  • 3 FLEX-Levels separately for in- and expiration
  • Data management on SD-Card 
  • Remarkable low noise level 
  • Battery operation possible 
  • Tidal volume display





  Range Steps Point2
Pressure   4 hPa – 20 hPa  0.5 hPa  
P-Ramp 4 hPa – Pressure - IPAP 0.5 hPa
P-Min 4 hPa – P–Start  0.5 hPa  
P-Max P–Start – 20 hPa 0.5 hPa  
P-Start P-Min - P-Max 0.5 hPa  
I-FLEX 0 - 3 1 step  
E-FLEX 0 - 3 1 Step  
IPAP EPAP – 20 hPa 0.5 hPa
EPAP 4 hPa – IPAP 0.5 hPa
I-Slope 1- 3 1 step
E-Slope 1- 3 1 step
Frequency 5 – 30 bpm 1 bpm
I:E  20 - 80 % 1 %
Delay Time 0 - 20 s. 1 s.
On (10 bpm)
Mask Nose/Nose- Mouth/Pillow  
Start-Stop Automatic Calibration Start via ENTER  
Automatic Start-Stop/Start/Off 10 min.
Mask Test 0 - 90 s. 5 s.
Ramp 0 – 45 min. 5 min.
Display Vt On / Off  
Бактериален филтър Да / Не  
Brightness 0 - 100 % 10 %
Language deu, eng, ell, spa, fra, ita, nld, tur, plk, por, cze  
P- Unit Hpa/mbar/sm H2O  
Power Counter  
Blower Counter  
Filter Counter  
Therapy Counter  
Date Day-Month-Year  
Time Hour-Minute  
Waketime Hour-Minute  



Technical Data:

  • Dimensions:- 170 mm x 220 mm x 95 mm (W x L x H)
  • Mass:- 1.51 kg
  • Power supply:- 100 V - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Power consumption- < 17 W
  • DC operation - 24 V DC / 2.1 A (max.)
  • Battery operation - 2 x 11.1 V / 2200 mAh
  • Pressure range - 4 - 20 hPa (mbar)
  • Pressure variation- < 0.5 hPa without humidifier; < 0,9 hPa with humidifier
  • Noise level - < 30 dB(A) at 10 hPa  




  • Counters- stand-by time, turbine running time, therapy time, filter age 
  • Permanent display- pressure, bargraph, Date, time, softstart ramp, alarm clock tidal volume (Vt), battery charging symbol, pressure unit (hPa, mbar, cmH 2O)
  • Comfort functions- start-stopp-automatik, softstart ramp, leakage test, mask calibration, flex pressure adjustment I-Flex / E-Flex, automatic start after power failure, date-, time and wake-up function, mask alarm. 





Therapy data Internal SD card
Central apnea, obstructive apnea, mixed apnea, hypopnea saved saved
Airway constriction, snoring, hyperventilation saved saved
Leakage saved saved
Base Pressure Only saved, when I- Flex or E- Flex are selected, but not active Only saved, when I- Flex or E- Flex are selected, but not active
Therapy Pressure (low resolution). No FLEX pressure changes visible saved not saved 
Therapy Pressure (high resolution), respiration flow, relative respiratory volume. FLEX pressure changes visible not saved saved
Storage Time </= 30 days </= 2 years



Aquapoint 2 (Not Included)

  • Dimensions-(w x l x h) 100 mm x 145 mm x 109 mm
  • Mass approx.- 280 g (without water)
  • Power supply- 24 V DC
  • Power consumption- 0 - 22 W
  • Heating levels- 5 stages + off
  • Max. filling capacity- 220 ml 



Powerpackpoint 2 (Not included)

  • Dimensions- (w x l x h) 160 mm x 45 mm x 70 mm per battery
  • Mass approx.- 300 g per battery
  • Power supply- 11.1 V DC per battery
  • Capacity- 2200 mAh per battery 



Filter system point 2

  • Dimensions- (w x l x h) 153 mm x 45 mm x 31 mm
  • Mass approx.- 50 g
  • Coarse filter- Polyurethan on polyester based 80 ppi (pores per inch), 30 kg/m³ (material density)
  • Fine filter- Polypropylen Precipitation of particles ≥ 1 µm: ≥ 89% at ω ≤ 1 m/s (particle velocity) ≥ 99% at ω ≤ 0,2 m/s (particle velocity) 



Nasal mask COZY Vented


An interface is a device or system that unrelated entities use to interact.

However, it seems important in Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) or Bi-level CPAP (BiPAP) treatment due to most CPAP or BiPAP users start out with a basic mask design that is recommended by their doctor or respiratory therapist. As the user gets used to sleeping with the CPAP or BiPAP machine, they may find the masks are unable to adjust the mask enough to minimize air leakage, maintain the prescribed air pressure and maximize comfort. Understanding the importance of interface, we designed the masks with various features and also defined them into three different levels. The Cozy brings the mask constructions into a simple way, with a patent pending assembly method, Cozy has a much easier way to attach and detach the silicone cushion from frame.


  • 360° rotational elbow: Preventing tube being pulled or dragged.
  • Sampling port: Allows for measuring pressure EtCO2.
  • Medical liquid silicone construction.
  • Extra comfort cushion: Provides stable, superior and absolute comfort.