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Accessible Environment


All of us are physically disabled at a given point in our lifetime. A child on all fours, learning how to walk for the first time, an ethlete with a broken leg, an elderly person, and so on. So we are all somehow disabled in one form or the other. It is important to provide all of the above mentioned groups with the right accessibility solution designed to remove the physcial barriers.


SPECIALNEEDS has more than eight years of extensive experience in accessibility solutiins for creating equal oportunities for the disabled. Our solutions provide a barrier-free, universal access that enables the persons with disabilities to move independently and take active part in all aspects of daily life. 


The needs of the disabled must always be taken into account and be safeguarded by country policies, govermnent budget and initiative. The needs of the disabled minorities and all people with movement impairments or genetic conditions should be taken into account when planning city infrastructre, including domesic environements and public places.


Stair climbers, mechanical platforms for wheelchairs, patient lifts, pool lifts and more. 


Wheelchair ramps and electric platforms permit wheelchair users to easily (and in most cases - autonomously) climb all sorts of staris and other obstacles that are otherwise inaccessible to them. Accessing a building is effortlessly performed with our dedicated disability solutions. Our wheelchair climbers and platforms allow for the pushing strollers, carts, and other wheeled objects across all types of stairs.


Stair climbers 


Permanent ramps are designed to be bolted or otherwise attached in place. Semi-permanent ramps rest on top of the ground or concrete pad and are commonly used for the short term. Permanent and semi-permanent ramps are usually of aluminum, concrete or wood. Portable ramps are usually aluminum and typically fold for ease of transport. Portable ramps are primarily intended for home and building use but can also be used with vans to load an unoccupied mobility device or to load an occupied mobility device when both the device and the passenger are easy to handle.


Accessibility ramps


Accessibility ramps have to be constructed to cover all posible inclinations, number of stairs and environmnets to be truly helpful for the disabled. The slope needs to be taken into account before buyng an accessibility ramp that is to be used on staris, for example. There are wheelchair ramps designed specifically for this purpose, allowing for them to be extended (unfolded) according to the staircase length and slope. 


Reduced inclines


Reduced incline rises are generally much easier for wheelchair users to traverse, but unfortunately, they take up significantly more space and require traversing a longer distance in order to get up. That is why the majority of buildings owners prefer to use an elevator or a wheelchair lift.


Granting easy, universal access 


Wheelchair ramps and electric stair climber robots provide easy universal access to private buildings and government facilities, guaranteeing the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to independently access the facilities and take active participation in public aspects of life. Ensuring universal accessibility through ramps, platforms and stair lifts must be accomplished according to the strict standards and guidelines for granting accessibility. SPECIALNEEDSEQUIPMENT offers accessiblity solutions compliant with government standards and European regulation.



Solutions fitting every architechture and design


The accessibility products we offer not only correspond to the technical guidelines and prescriptions for porviding building access to the disablerd, but are also designed to integrate seamlessly into the modern architecture of buildings - both the interior and the exterior. No matter the type and age of the facility, our accessibility solutions will fit into the sahpes and countours of your stairs, ensuring inclusion of both children and adults with disabilities.