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Soft-Touch Back Liner

  • Code:
  • Weight:
    1.000 Kgs

Positioning Back Liner for children with mild to moderate sitting support needs. 

  • Made of seamless latex-free, anti-microbial material
  • Recommended for children with mild to moderate physical involvement
Soft-Touch Back LinerSoft-Touch Back LinerSoft-Touch Back LinerSoft-Touch Back LinerSoft-Touch Back LinerSoft-Touch Back LinerSoft-Touch Back Liner

Adding comfort to your child's sitting experience is very important.

Special Tomato has used its unmatched technology to create the Special Tomato Liners. These liners offer support and comfort for your child with mild to moderate physical involvement. The liners are made from soft-to-the-touch materials that won't tear or puncture. The outer skin is impermeable fluids and easily wipe clean. Special Tomato Liners are the accessory you have been looking for to ensure the comfort of your child.


Why is the Special Tomato Soft-Touch Liners Perfect for Your Child?


Soft contoured back cushion                                                                         Attachment strap 



  • Material is Latex-Free
  • Anti-microbial protection built in
  • Impermeable to fluids
  • Peel and Tear Resistant
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Contoured Seat and Back promote good posture while sitting in a standard seating system
  • Built in Abductor
  • Lap Straps in Seat Cushion and Attachment Straps in Seat & Back Cushions are included
  • Seat and Back Cushions can be used together or separately
  • Three colors: chokolate, cherry, lilac






Size 1 2 3
Back Cushion Width (cm) 19 22 25
Back Cushion Height (cm) 25 34 37
Overall Dimensions of Back Cushion (H x W) 26x27 33x31 36x34
Weight of Back Cushion (kg) 0.68 0.91 1.13