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Home Paediatric productsPositioningBODYMAP AC Positioning chair with headrest and lateral support

BODYMAP AC Positioning chair with headrest and lateral support

  • Code:
  • Weight:
    8.000 Kgs

BODYMAP AC Positioning chair with headrest and lateral support

BODYMAP AC Positioning chair with headrest and lateral supportBODYMAP AC Positioning chair with headrest and lateral supportBODYMAP AC Positioning chair with headrest and lateral support
BodyMap AC – chairs with lateral supports and head rest which function both as support and seat. They are useful while transportation of patients in cars and wheelchairs and, more to the point, they help to control posture. Furthermore, they are also useful for patients with hump because these pillows enable them to have correct as well as stable posture. Perfect stabilization is possible because of wide pelottes and, moreover, head rest is useful while adjusting the correct position of patient’s head. BodyMap System refers to first class medical products which are designed for adults as well as children with cerebral palsy. All these products provide perfect stabilization during seating or lying position. What is more, it is a perfect choice for the disabled due to the fact that it prevents bed sores. BodyMap System uses vacuum method. This method refers to products which are filled with polystyrene granules thanks to which products can model according to patient’s body shape. This method is well-known within The Western European countries and it is widely applied in stabilization process. Furthermore, it is also applied during transportation of patients in ambulances. Polystyrene granules move freely inside the device and, more to the point, it is easy to move them in order to shape cushion at your discretion.
BodyMap products are made of soft, elastic neoprene foam and they perfectly adjust to patient’s body. Cushions are laminated by means of elastic polyester knitwear and some of them can be additionally laminated with the aid of knitwear with self-adhesive qualities which makes it possible to use additional stabilizing tapes. Our system is designed with the intention of maintaining correct sitting. Cushions, backrests and pads make it possible to have correct support for trunk, hips, head and upper as well as lower limbs. BodyMap System is perfect for patients with cerebral palsy, scoliosis or hump. The product is shaped according to patient’s body shape thanks to which unit pressure is diminished. It has a significant influence on bed sores prophylaxis. In addition, it is possible to determine the level of product’s hardness with the aid of vacuum method. Because of unique manufacturing process, the shape of our cushions remains the same for few weeks. This characteristics is advantageous because there is no need to pump the air down every few days.
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Scoliosis and back curvature
  • Bed sores prophylaxis
  • To keep the head in correct position
  • Excessive muscles tension (hypersthenia)
  • Myotonia





Size А В С D
1   25 cm   90 cm   55 cm 27 cm
2 30 cm 105 cm 55 cm 30 cm
3 35 cm 120 cm 65 cm 32 cm
4 40 cm 135 cm 75 cm 35 cm
5 45 cm 145 cm 85 cm 37 cm
6 50 cm 155 cm 90 cm 40 cm



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