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Home Oxygen ConcentratorsPortable Oxygen ConcentratorsPortable oxygen concentrator INOGEN ONE G2

Portable oxygen concentrator INOGEN ONE G2

  • Code:
  • Weight:
    5.000 Kgs

Portable oxygen concentrator INOGEN ONE G2

Portable oxygen concentrator INOGEN ONE G2Portable oxygen concentrator INOGEN ONE G2Portable oxygen concentrator INOGEN ONE G2Portable oxygen concentrator INOGEN ONE G2Portable oxygen concentrator INOGEN ONE G2

Oxygen therapy should not have to limit you in any way.

INOGEN ONE G2 offers just that, no worries about running out of oxygen, no need to keep an eye on the clock, no need to carry heavy equipment around. Simplyuse the INOGEN ONE G2 wherever you are, wherever you go, whenever you want.

INOGEN ONE G2 – Wherever you are

It sits discreetly at your feet, behind a chair, or next to the bed and it’s light enough to carry over your shoulder. All of your oxygen needs can be met with this one small device, day or night, home or away. When usng the INOGEN ONE G2 you will enjoy all the benefitsof this compact and lightweight device, producing just very light sound, hardly noticeable to you or those around you. And, it’s easy to operate too, just a couple of buttons.Embrace the simplicity of the INOGEN ONE G2 and see how it can make your life easier.

INOGEN ONE G2 – Wherever you go

Restoring your freedom is definitely a large part that makes the INOGEN ONE G2 so very special. So go ahead, jump in the car to run errands or take a weekend trip to see your family, or make that long 
journey yo’d never thought you’d be able to make. Head home when you want to, not when a limited oxygen supply forces you to. Most airlines allow you to use the INOGEN ONE G2 when you fly, making it easier than ever to reclaim your independence. 

INOGEN ONE G2 – Whenever you want

INOGEN ONE G2 is built to withstand long term and heavy duty use. Expect it to run for years on end and it will need full maintenance only after it has been running for 30,000 hrs. Your INOGN ONE G2 oxygen system can be delivered to you quick and easy, anywhere in Europe, through one of our Inogen distribution partners. 

Technical specifications


Dimensions 10 x 24 x 27 cm
Weight 3.2 kg
Oxygen Flow Pulse dose delivery system.5 flow settings - 1 to 5.
O2 concentration 90% (+6%/-3%) for all settings
Power suply Universal! In АС mode: 100-240 V
In DС mode: 12 V (car, airplane)
12-cell battery Operation up to 4 hours
24-cell battery Operation up to 8 hours
Environment (Operating) Temperature: 5 to 40˚C
Humidity: 0% to 95%
Environment (Storage) Temperature: -20 to 60˚C
Humidity: 0% to 95%
Noise level 37 dB
Operating mode Easy control functions. LCD display.