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Potty chair

  • Code:
  • Weight:
    15.000 Kgs

Special Needs Potty Chair

Potty chairPotty chair


Through Special Needs Equipment, you are now able to purchase the POTTY chair.  This seat is designed for young kids with significant mobility issues.  Those who require assistance to achieve the sitting position are perfectly suited to this item.
The piece of furniture allows youngsters to have additional reassurance when they are using the toilet, giving them greater levels of independence.  As a free standing item, it can be used at home, in schools, in nurseries and on specialised wards in hospitals and rehabilitation centres.
The device is fitted on top of an oval potty, included as standard, and includes a pelvic strap and a handrail.  It is very supportive and the cushions at the back and side can be adjusted.  The product has an oval aperture, which is particularly beneficial to those kids who have narrow hips. The POTTY chair includes a number of optional extras designed to enhance safety and comfort.
The optional extras:
  • A footboard
  • A toggle handrail
  • A splash guard
If you are interested in purchasing the POTTY chair, be that for at home or in a medical centre, please contact us today on +44 (0) 770 001 5041 to discuss your exact needs and requirements and to place an order.









Size   1 2 3
Seat height mm 150-330 220-430 270-450
Seat width mm 220 290 335
Seat depth mm 330 380 430
User weight (max) kg 35 45 55
Shipping weight kg 11 12 13