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Home CPAP devices and masksHumidifiersHumidifier Hoffrichter Aquapoint2

Humidifier Hoffrichter Aquapoint2

  • Code:
  • Weight:
    1.000 Kgs

Humidifier Hoffrichter Aquapoint2

Humidifier Hoffrichter Aquapoint2Humidifier Hoffrichter Aquapoint2

Aquapoint2 Humidifier

  • The aquapoint 2 is a plug-in warm-air humidifier for the respiratory therapy device point 2.
  • It is intended to humidify the therapy air flow, in order to prevent the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract from becoming dry.
  • The heater output can be adjusted in stages from 0 to 5, as required by the patient’s individual demands.
  • The aquapoint 2 is provided with an integrated memory ensuring that the previously set heater stage will be preserved after the therapy device has been turned off or the humidifier has been disconnected from the therapy device.
  • In addition to normal APAP and CPAP mode the device offers the FLEXLINE mode, a pressure increase which is proportionate to the individual respiration flow during inspiration and a pressure decrease during expiration.