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Nasal Pillow Mask Vented

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Nasal Pillow Mask Vented

Nasal Pillow Mask Vented

CPAP Nasal pillow have been well received by patients who want something innovative and different.

In general a nasal pillow uses two soft silicone anatomically shaped “pillows” which are inserted slightly into the nostril. Because of the unique designs of HSINER’s such as 4 different pillow sizes and one-piece injected silicone frame, the masks can be quite comfortable.


There is minimal facial contact and allow for almost any sleeping position without mask displacement.The minimal and lightweight design is welcomed by CAPA mask users over the traditional bulky CPAP nasal or full face mask.


Additionally, the exceptionally quiet operation of the nasal pillow helps the effi cient CO2 washout and the sleep experience even at higher pressures.




  • Easy to fit, assemble, and maintain.
  • 4 different pillow sizes provide diverse compliance of the pitch of two nostrils.
  • 360° rotational elbow with extended silicone tube.
  • Quiet vent design.
  • An opening for positioning the tube is available on the headgear.