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Home Disability ProductsAntidecubitus MattressesAnti-decubitus mattress OPTIMAL 2000S RICANT

Anti-decubitus mattress OPTIMAL 2000S RICANT

Anti-decubitus mattress OPTIMAL 2000S RICANT

Anti-decubitus mattress OPTIMAL 2000S RICANTAnti-decubitus mattress OPTIMAL 2000S RICANT
  • Express delivery
  • 2 year warranty
  • User weight: 110 kg
  • Mattress size: 200х90х6.5 cm
  • Compressor YES
  • Electrical YES
  • Suitable for bed with: 3 sections

The Ricant 2000S is an anti-decubital mattress with a compressor, designed to protect the patient from the onset of decubital wounds as a result of prolonged periods of lying in bed and uneven distribution of body weight.

The RICANT 2000S antidecubital mattress is made up of a several gradually inflatable (compressor) sectors that ensure a uniform distribution of the patient's weight. This prevents excessive tension and rubbing on a small area of ​​the skin - the main cause of decubitus or decubital wounds.

The gradually inflating and releasing elements of the mattress further help to improve the circulation of the air and the circulation of patients lying down by providing a constant (massaging) pressure.

Active mattresses are recommended for both fully immobilized people and those who spend more than 15 hours in bed, as they have a significantly increased risk of decubital wounds and skin lacerations.



  • Power supply: 220-230 V AC, 50 Hz;
  • Flow rate: 4.5 l / min;
  • Pressure: 40-100 mmhg;
  • Duration of one cycle: 12 minutes;
  • Power Consumption: 7 W;
  • Weight: 1.4 kg.