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Home Paediatric productsPositioningMattress-sized cushion STABILO Grande

Mattress-sized cushion STABILO Grande

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Stabilo Grande 

Mattress-sized cushion STABILO GrandeMattress-sized cushion STABILO GrandeMattress-sized cushion STABILO GrandeMattress-sized cushion STABILO Grande

STABILO GRANDE is a mattress-sized cushion. It can be used in all circumstances where any type of body deformity, for example caused by seizures, makes it impossible for the patient to be supported by an ordinary mattress. Its versatility means that STABILO GRANDE may be used for lying on, sitting or physiotherapy and rehabilitation, thus making it possible to adapt the same equipment for several patients. The mattress is supplied with an electric pump, Vacumaker, that allows to quickly change and set the shape. The STABILO GRANDE cushion can be adapted precisely to the patient's changing anatomical requirements. Depending on the patient's needs, the patient or carer can decide on STABILO's shape. The cushion helps to correctly position the legs, trunk and pelvis, as well as to abduct the knees. The carer can also use it to control the position of the shoulders and head. STABILO GRANDE allows to position the patient on his side. By positioning the patient in this way, we secure the hip joints and provide correct support for the patient's head and back, which provides a very good position for people with severely asymmetric bodies.



When shaped into a pouffe, the STABILO GRANDE mattress allows the patient to assume a position with bent hips and knees (restrained extension contracture).

The simultaneous modelling of the upper back support allows to assume a more correct position for the upper limbs. Modelling the mattress under the head means it can be positioned symmetrically, and as a result it does not cause an asymmetric postural reflex.The STABILO GRANDE mattress relieves sensitive body parts during long periods in one position.

Produced sizes: S, M, M+, L


Sizes А В
S 40 cm 60 cm
M 70 cm 160 cm
M+ 90 cm 200 cm
L 130 cm 200 cm







1. Take out the tube which is in the pump handle. Start to shape the cushion.


2. Screw the tube into the cushion's valve and wait until the cushion is sufficiently soft.


3. Fit the pump to the tube and suck out the air until the desired hardness has been reached.


4. To change the shape – screw the tube to the valve and wait until the cushion softness.