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Home OrthosisKnee jointLOWER LIMB SUPPORT AM-OSK-O/1


  • Code:
  • Weight:
    0.400 Kgs


Open knee brace with two splints 1 AM-OSK-O/1Open knee brace with two splints 1 AM-OSK-O/1


Product description

Open knee brace AM-OSK-O/1 is the professional medical device 1st class, which improves the gait and the rehabilitation process. It is made of innovative ACTIVE PREN. Thanks to the use of the ACTIV SUPPLY SYSTEM (internal perforation of soft part of the brace) the protected joint is well aired and excessive humidity is removed from the skin. The device is equipped with independent VELCRO straps and 1-axial aluminium sides splints without ROM adjustment but stabilizing the knee joint in the frontal plane. By maintaining the stable temperature and elastic compression, the brace has analgesic properties and reduces effusions and swelling after injuries. Its open construction is the best solution for seniors with limited mobility and for people, who have disproportion between thigh and calf.
Purpose of use
  • chronic knee instability with limited mobility
  • after injury of the knee which didn’t require surgery (dislocation with damage of ligaments, muscle sprains and strains)
  • in chronic knee instability (frontal and sagittal)
  • in postoperative rehabilitation
  • joint degeneration and/or knee instability due to injury, illness in case of patients not qualified or refusing surgery treatment



Available sizes




Setting up




Splints 1

Splints (1) – single axis orthopaedic splints, used mainly in all types of knee braces. They provide excellent frontal stabilization, maintaining the low weight simultaneously. Due to their properties, they are preferred among all groups of patients, especially elderly. Splints are made of high quality of aluminium alloy, therefore they are light and firm, and guarantee correct functioning of the product. Each one is equipped with a hyperextension blockade, keeping the knee joint in the 5° flection.