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Home OrthosisAnkle jointFOOT SUPPORT AM-ASS-OS


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    0.700 Kgs




Product Description:
The CarbonAFO (AM-ASS-OS) from Reh4Mat is an extremely lightweight and durable AFO designed with the same advanced materials that have revolutionized the aviation, auto and boat racing industries.
Each orthosis is vacuum molded to orthopedic specifications with carbon weave, Kevlar fibers, advanced resins and rugged gelcoats. Using the flexibility of carbon and the durability of Kevlar allows us to create the most durable and long lasting orthosis on the market.
The CARBONAFO orthosis is an ideal solution for patients suffering from neurological deficits and weakness of the muscles that provide dorsal flexion of the foot and ankle (foot drop). The orthosis supports normal gait function for daily activities. Patients suffering from reduced dorsal flexion capacity will compensate the deficit by raising the hip (hip hike) — that could result in various injuries to the hip, knee, back and other healthy parts of the body.
The carbon fiber and Kevlar properties also assist with dynamic and natural gait — regardless of the type of ground. Furthermore, the anterior shell and medial strut help to stabilize the ankle while the full length foot plate effectively lifts the foot. The carbon fiber composite stores and returns energy that helps the patient spare energy use and reduces fatigue.
The orthosis is light weight and low profile and fits easily in the shoe and under clothing. The cushioned liner can be removed, rinsed and hung dry.
UniPren is universal 3-layered fabric made of external elastic polyamide self-gripping layer and internal neoprene foam with elastic jersey. Our fabric is soft and elastic and not knitted, what prevents skin against the skin abrasions in the compression zones.
The orthosis must be used along with proper footwear allowing the carbon plate to be placed under the insole or with a custom foot orthotic. The brace can be further adjusted for comfort and support by fastening the Velcro straps snugly. This will prevent undesired motion of the brace and protect the skin from excessive friction and breakdown.
CARBONAFO orthese is an ideal solution in partial minor amputation. In this case non-standard insert and filling the shoe should be used to supply the patient completely.
Our AFO AM-ASS-OS brace impacts on knee joint with neurological disturbances.
Our AFO AM-ASS-OS is used to control drop foot and ankle instability can also influence the knee joint. When weight is applied to the heel in early stance phase, the top of the brace is directed anteriorly, creating a flexion moment on the knee to help minimize the knee extensor spasticity and limit hyperextension.
When the subject’s wieght is applied to the forefoot, the top of the AM-ASS-OS brace is directed posteriorly, creating an extension moment on the knee to help to stabilize the knee in late stance.
The orthese’s construction transports the strenghtfrom the ground to the upper parts of shin bone what is crucial because it decompresses foot during walk.The orthese could be also used at weakness of knee joint. During the stage of support the orthese absorbs kinethic energy inside which nextly, is released as the strenght which drive the patient to walk.
Available Sizes
Left/right side available.
  • PERFECT STABILIZATION – protects the foot from inside and outside dislocation
  • COMFORT OF USAGE – it fits very well patient’s leg thanks to fastening belts and front padding.
  • EASYNESS OF USAGE – you can wear it with shoe and under trousers.
  • LOW WEIGHT – it is light, stable and plastic.
  • HYGIENE – it is easy to put on and take off therefore patient has no problem with personal hygiene.
Purpose Of Use:
  • paresis of lower limbs
  • paresis of feet
  • healing process after dislocation
  • after surgery and during rehabilitation.
  • fresh wounds 
  • excoriations 
  • skin eczema 
  • skin allergy 
Setting Up
Information For Patients:
  • Use only according to doctor’s advice and under doctor’s supervision 
  • The product should be adjusted on the patient for the first time by a doctor or qualified medical staff. 
  • Luck of everyday personal hygiene or wrong maintenance and washing of the product may cause excoriations or allergic reaction connected with increased sweating and bacterial flora. 
  • Padding hand-wash in warm water and soap in 30° temperature 
  • Do not iron 
  • Do not use chlorine 
  • Dry far from the sources of heat