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Home OrthosisHip jointHIP SUPPORT AM-SB/1RE


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    0.800 Kgs




Product Description:

Immobilizes or controls the pelvis joint, equipped with pelvis frame, thigh band and lateral splint 1RE with adjustment of the flection and extension angle every 15 degrees. The brace assures correct positioning of the pelvis during upright standing and learning to walk, prevents and helps in treatment of contractions. Use: in early rehabilitation, during learning to walk after surgery treatment of the pelvis joint, in treatment of patients with contractions of pelvis joint due to neurological or orthopedic problems.
The brace is made of ActiveDistance.
Available sizes
Left/right available
  • ​The support assures correct positioning of the hip during upright standing and learning to walk.
  • It prevents contractures and helps healing them.
  • It enables controlled movement of the hip joint.
  • Instruction of use is given by the leading doctor.
Purpose Of Use:
  • In early rehabilitation and during learing towalk in case of patients after the hip surgery treatment 
  • In rehabilitation of patients with contracture of the hip joint due to the neurological or orthopaedic reasons 
Splints 1RE
  • Splints 1RE – single axis orthopedic splints, used mainly in knee joint, upper limb and hip joint braces.
  • The characteristic quality of this splint is, apart from wide range of motion adjustment in every 15 degrees, is also hyperextension adjustment in the secured range of -15 and -30 degrees.
  • The splints are characterized by perfect lateral joint stabilization and low weight
  • The set-up of the angle adjustment clock doesn’t require any tools, and special safety system prevents the change of the angle by unauthorized people.
  • The splints are made of high quality aluminium alloy and plastic with carbon fibre.
  • They are light and neutral to the influence of sweat and salt, properly firm, assuring correct functioning of the device.
  • Standard length of the splints is: 380, 470 and 530 mm.
  • The splint and its design are patented in European Union by Reh4Mat company.
  • In case of coexisting varicose vein of thigh, previous inflammation of veins, swelling of legs, the use of the support is possible only with specifically selected varicose veins knee-height socks or stockings with II* pressure 
  • In case of skin changes in places where the support touches the skin (abrasions, injuries, skin eczema) it is neccessary to contact your leading doctor. Use of the support should be limited - only after a dressing is applied. 
  • The correctness of the use of the support must be controlled especially in case of children, patients with memory and psychological problems. 
Setting Up
Information For Patients:
  • Only properly applied and fitted support fulfils its function- incorrect use may lead to increase of the hip joint problems, worsening of the quality of walk, occurance of skin changes, swelling of the lower limb, varicose vains and vein inflammation. 
  • The brace must be put on for the first time by the leading doctor or the qualified therapist on doctor' s recommendation (incorrect way of puting the brace on may cause dislocation of the hip joint or endoprosthesis) 
  • In early stage of use and in case of patients with paraesthesia it is necessary to frequently control the condition of the patient's skin in the place of application of the brace. 
  • Long term use of the hip brace may lead to muscle atrophy- it is advised to systematically perform the recommended by the doctor exercisse 
  • In case the swelling of the lower limb occurs, it is necessary to remove the brace and contact the leading doctor. 
  • Skin in the place where the brace touches it must be clean (no creams or dressings should be used directly before the application of the brace) 
  • Wrong maintenance of the product- infrequent washing or insufficient rinsing may lead to skin changes connected with excessive sweating under the brace. 
  • Hand wash in warm water (up to 30 degrees) with soap. 
  • Rinse thoroughly. 
  • Do not iron 
  • Do not use chlorine 
  • Dry in safe distance from the source of heat