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Home OrthosisLumbosacral sectionTORSO SUPPORT AR-WSP-03


  • Code:
  • Weight:
    0.700 Kgs


Size Type of Pelottes
TORSO SUPPORT AR-WSP-03Lumbar and chest brace AR-WSP-03Lumbar and chest brace AR-WSP-03Lumbar and chest brace AR-WSP-03Lumbar and chest brace AR-WSP-03Lumbar and chest brace AR-WSP-03Lumbar and chest brace AR-WSP-03Lumbar and chest brace AR-WSP-03Lumbar and chest brace AR-WSP-03


Product Description:
Laced spine brace is made of unique spatial material called ActivExpanse

Double-layer construction with 3D structure allows to fit device to the patient’s body precisely and maintain adequate abdominal and back muscles compression. Internal side of the brace is made of terry what makes it very friendly for skin because of sweat evaporation and doesn’t cause chafes and lesions. External side is 3D structure, made of soft but durable polyamide and spatial construction with holes system what allows to remove sweat from the patient’s skin.
AR-WSP-03 brace is very comfortable because of its transparent construction

The brace consists of two independent anatomic-shaped elements. This construction allows to fit brace precisely and special free space between two elements ventilates the thoracolumbar spine. On the back there are special handles to mount rigid lumbar or thoracolumbar pelotte but on the front there is special pocket for rigid abdominal pelotte installing. The device can be used with or without abdominal pelotte what depends of physician’s recommendations.
The rear part of the brace holds compression system called TapeLacing. This system is added and fastened with Velcro straps in any place according to the preferences. It can be fastened diagonally what is helpful for patients with broad hips or pot belly.
The wide circumferential non-elastic strap is the additional stabilizing element which provides adjustable compression in the lumbosacral spine.
In the front side is it possible to use rigid polymer pelotte what improves the stabilization of the pubic bone.
Is it possible to use rigid lumbar (LSO) or thoracolumbar (TLSO) pelotte according as what condition occurs.
Available types of pelottes:
  • Profiled lumbar pelotte LSO made of carbon



  • Profiled thoracolumbar pelotte TLSO made of carbon



  • Lumbar pelotte LSO with lumbar lordosis adjustment made of ABS



  • Thoracolumbar pelotte TLSO with lumbar lordosis and thoracic kyphosis adjustment made of ABS




All of the pelottes are equipped with soft lining made of ActivDistance II




Purpose of use:


  • Severe L-S and Th painful syndrome
  • Multi-level discopathy
  • Osteoporosis
  • Spine instability
  • Lumbar spondylolisthesis
  • Spinal Compression Fracture
  • Sciatica
  • Thoraco and sacrolumbar degeneration
  • After surgeries (orthopaedics, neurosurgery)
  • After cast immobilization
  • Some postural defects
Available sizes
TLS – TapeLacing Compression System
TapeLacing Compression System was created to adjust the best joint support and stabilization. The system allows to adjust different levels of compression according to patient’s needs. This adjustment is smooth what provides comfort of use the brace.
The TLS System is a combination of metal grommets, nylon tapes and Velcros. The additional equipment is the special element that is easy to attach what allows to modify device’s shape or circumference. You can achieve required compression with a single pull strap. One easy pull securely forms the brace to the patient’s torso and provides intra-abdominal compression, reducing the load on intervertebral discs.
TLS System is the compression solution so you can use it only after putting the brace on the body.

ATTENTION: Our TapeLacing Compression System is very effective with big interaction strength so it’s necessary to use it with caution.



  • Fresh wounds
  • Excoriations
  • Skin eczema
  • Skin allergy
  • Duodenal ulcers and stomach ulceration
  • Alterial hypertension 3rd degree

Attention: Do not use as protection in case of injuries wich require better stabilization e. g plaster dressing of surgery.



Patient Information:


  • If possible wear cotton t-shirt under the device 
  • Use strictly under the doctor’s supervision 
  • After final fitting cut off the needless Velcro tape 
  • Do not use the device directly after usage of cream or worm-up gel 
  • Usage of wrong size of the product (too small) or excessive tightening of the belts, may cause temporary problems with intestines activity and other internal organs or problems with breathing and blood circulation.