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NECK SUPPORT EB-KSHalf-firm orthopedic Collar ProFit EB-KSHalf-firm orthopedic Collar ProFit EB-KSHalf-firm orthopedic Collar ProFit EB-KS


Product Description
Orthopedic collar, Florida type, made of polyurethane plate and finished with polyurethane foam and double-layer ProFit material, which perfectly fits patient’s body. The collar stabilizes and releases pressure form the spine in the neck area, releases stress from neck muscles.
Available Sizes
All sizes available in 3 heights: 8, 10, 12cm
Stabilizes and releases stress from the neck section of the spine and neck muscles. Recommendation and instruction regarding length of use depend on leading doctor's decision.
Purpose Of Use:
  • After injury of the neck section of the spine (sprains and bruises) 
  • In rehabilitation after spinal fracture in prophylactic or surgery treatment 
  • In severe and chronic pain of the neck and shoulders due to the injury, overstress or degenerative changes 
  • In degenerative changes of the neck section of the spine combined with neurological symptoms (neck radiculopathy, paresis of upper limbs, balance disturbance, vertigo) 
  • In headaches and tympanophonia due to neck problems 
  • In torticollis due to different reasons
  • Too tight application of the support may lead to increase of the problems, too loose application- luck of expected function 
  • Difficulty in breathing and discomfort, increase of existing problems- may limit or make impossible the use of the support (especially in case of overweight patients, with thyroid problems and increased neurotic symptoms) - after consulting with the leading doctor. 
  • It is necessary to control the correctness of the use of the support in case of children and patients with memory disorder or mental problems 
  • In case of skin changes in the place where the support touches the skin (abrasions, injuries, eczema) - use of the support is possible after a dressing is applies 
Setting Up
Information For Patients:
  • only properly selected and fitted support which is used according to the doctor's recommendation fulfills its function. Instruction of use is given by the leading doctor or qualified therapist. 
  • If the support is used as immobilizing dressing, all changes of its possitioning must be discussed with the leading doctor. It is not allowed to remove the support - allowed is only slight loossening up. 
  • In the early stage of the use, when the air temperature is high, in case of patients with paraesthesia- it is neccessary to frequently control the skin condition in the place where the support is applied. 
  • Long term use of the support may lead to muscle atrophy. Regular performance of recommended exercisse is advisable- the longer the support is used during the day the longer the exercisse should be. The exercisse is designed individually for the patient by the therapist or th eleading doctor 
  • In case of long term use of the support - the time of use should be reduced to the necessary minimum during the day. 
  • The skin in the place where the support is applied should be clean (no creams or dressings should be applied) 
  • Wrong maintenence of the product - infrequent washing or insufficient rinsing - may lead to skin problems connected with extensive sweating under the support. 
  • hand-wash in room temperature water with soap, RINSE WELL 
  • Do not iron 
  • Do not use chlorine