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Home OrthosisHand and wrist jointForearm and hand brace with thumb stabilization AM-OSN-U-02

Forearm and hand brace with thumb stabilization AM-OSN-U-02

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  • Weight:
    0.400 Kgs

Forearm and hand brace with thumb stabilization AM-OSN-U-02

Size Side
Forearm and hand brace with thumb stabilization AM-OSN-U-02Forearm and hand brace with thumb stabilization AM-OSN-U-02Forearm and hand brace with thumb stabilization AM-OSN-U-02

Product Description:

Open wrist support was developed according to anatomic shape, providing stabilization on wrist and radiocarpal joint and thumb.
Orthosis is made of innovative AirSanmed non-elastic textile, which properties allowing an improvement in stabilization level of the joints. The orthosis is covered with perforated medical laminate allowing easy evaporation of the sweat, semi-rigid perforated comfort foam located inside and a breathable cotton terry cloth in contact with the skin of the patient.
LOCK 3-POINTS Circumferential Compression allowing adequate support and unloading of radiocarpal joints. The orthosis is provided with anatomically shaped, malleable and removable metal Strip for Palm (sweat resistant coating) and 2 Dorsal plastic stays.
Open construction of brace allows easy-fitting and offers whole range of adjustment and stabilization for different anatomies of the wrist.
The wrist brace is additionally equipped with Soft Elastic Pad in Distal Palmar area, which makes the product more comfortable.
The fitting on the Wrist by Velcro straps and hand cinch, which ends of closure are provided with plastic covers, specially developed for patients with limited dexterity, such as osteoarthritis and wrist instability.
The orthosis with Thumb Abduction System contains an aluminum malleable strip and Velcro straps for adjustment of the thumb abduction.
Available Sizes (Left/right side available)
Purpose of Use:
  • after wrist injuries
  • bursitis
  • joint degeneration or inflammation
Setting Up
Information for Patients:
  • It should be applied in compliance with indications and under doctor's supervision. 
  • For the first time should be established by doctor or by trained medical staff. 
  • Orthosis should not be used if any ointment or warming up gel had been applied earlier. 
  • It is recommended to use the article together with stocking or antivaricose knee-length socks of minimum compression. 
  • Inappropriate use of article or choosing wrong size can bring about a defect of venous and arterial circulation, trauma of protected joint, skin illnesses etc. 
  • Lack of everyday personal hygiene or inappropriate preservation and washing the article can cause skin attritions or can bring about allergic reactions connected with intensive perspiration and development of bacterial flora. 
  • Wash by hands in warm water with soap in temperature of 30° 
  • Do not mould. 
  • Do not chlorinate. 
  • Dry away from sources of warmth.