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Home Paediatric productsCar seats RecaroCar seat Recaro Monza Reha

Car seat Recaro Monza Reha

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  • Weight:
    9.000 Kgs

The Recaro Monza Reha is a special needs car seat, specifically designed to aid children with various seating needs, as well as children with cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, and autism. The Monza ensures optimal postural support while maintaining the high safety standards expected from car seats.

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Car seat Recaro Monza RehaCar seat Recaro Monza RehaCar seat Recaro Monza RehaCar seat Recaro Monza Reha


  • Very safe, complying international standards
  • Wide variety of rehab accessories available
  • Easy placing and removing of the children thanks to the turning plate
  • Integrated 5-piont positioning belt also fot tall children
  • No sweating due to integrated air circulation system
  • Pad system as standard.




  • 11-fold height adjustable headresr
  • Optimum neck support by inflatable air cushion integrated in the headrest
  • Sound system: Speakers in the headrest, incl. mp3-player connection at the seat.
  • Model Seatfix with integrated Isofix arms for an optimum protection in case of accidents.




  • Abduction block and seat depth extension
  • Table
  • Seat wedge inside, and seat wedge below with additional +10 seat tilt
  • Turning plate with Seatfix connection and stand





Seat Depth 30 cm
Seat Depth with eztension 43 cm
Seat width (front) 27 cm
Seat width (rear) 24 cm
Back Height    60 - 77 cm
Overall dimensions 48 - 66 - 42 cm
Weight 6 kg
Max carrying capacity 15 - 50 kg