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Home Paediatric productsSpecial Needs Strollers and Push ChairsBuggy for children with special needs KUKINI

Buggy for children with special needs KUKINI

Buggy for children with special needs KUKINI

The buggy for children with special needs KUKINI is really light amd it is perfect for both long walks and running trainings
Aluminium frame of the stroller with reflective elements makes the stroller safe and comfortable for your child while exploring the city or forest areas. KUKINI™ is equipped with a rear shock absorbing system and 16-inch inflatable spoked wheels, which make riding on uneven terrain a pleasure for both a child and caregiver. The child’s safety and correct sitting position are guaranteed by a 5-point safety belt with a magnetic fastener. The comfortable head support is provided by the anatomical Octagon™ headrest, which can be mounted at different heights. An adjustable backrest allows you to set the optimal position for your child while riding. The wheel quick release system together with the compact size of the folded stroller makes it easy to store or transport. Durable and comfortable upholstery has a practical pocket to hold your phone, wallet, or keys. In order to protect the child from various weather conditions, the special needs stroller KUKINI™ can be equipped with an adjustable folding canopy to provide additional protection from wind, rain or sun.

Dimensions after folding: 54x97x38 cm (Width x Lenght x Height)


- Ergonomic push handle
- Backrest with adjustable tilt angle and a storage pocket
- 5-point safety belts with a magnetic fastener
- Foldable aluminum frame equipped with a front wheel disc brake and rear wheel central brake
- Removable inflatable rear wheels
- Seat cushion with VISmemo foam
- Waterproof HYDRO upholstery
- Adjustable footrestk
- Removable inflatable front wheel

  • Fast Delivery
  • 2 year warranty
  • User height: 135 cm
  • Maximum user weight 40kg
  • Seat width: 37cm
  • Seat depth 37cm
  • Backrest height 47-60 cm
  • Weight: 14kg
  • Height 105cm
  • Width: 67cm
  • Lenght: 124-143 cm
  • Foldable: Yes