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Home Hospital Beds Pediatric hospital bed "Sparrow"

Pediatric hospital bed "Sparrow"

  • Code:
  • Weight:
    30.000 Kgs

Pediatric hospital bed "Sparrow" is a children's bed for hospital rooms use. This secure children's bed is friendly and designed with small patients and their families in mind. It is available with a wide range of varnish and decorative inserts colours, friendly patterns and shapes as well as safe and user friendly construction and comfortable care position.



Assistant using a children's bed SparrowPediatric hospital bed "Sparrow"PEdiatric children's bed from the sidePediatric hospital bed model Sparrow PEdiatric bed for children in roomPediatric bed Sparrow blue starsYellow pediatric bed for childrenBlue pediatric bed sparrowParrent using the pediatric bed Sparrow


  • wide range of varnish and decorative inserts colours;
  • friendly patterns and shapes;
  • safe and user friendly construction;
  • comfortable care position.


Pediatric hospital bed "Sparrow"

Comfortable for caregivers

Sparrow bed has special construction which make caregiver work easier and more ergonomic:

  • Lower pallet height (60 cm )  ensures the ergonomic work for caregivers of different height;
  • Pallet position with side rail placed under the mattress and column construction offer better access to the patient;
  • Side rails  are easy and smoothly operated by means foot levers. They are additionally secured  with side locks which prevents unintentional lowering.


Different colours and patterns

It is friendly for small patients thanks to decorative inserts a wide range of offered colours and patterns. Bed can be equipped in decorative inserts made of HPL with one of six patterns whichmakes interior more friendly for small patient.Available: - 2 dimensions 743 x 148 mm or 743 x 215 mm, (There is the possibility of milling the logo indicated by the customer)

The "Sparrow" pediatric hospital beds are designed to make the hospital environment more pleasant for patients and their families. The bed allows for an array of modification and color options, as well as options for decorations, shapes and stickers to give the bed even friendlier look. Apart from the pleasant appearance, another advantage that this children's bed is the safe and comfortable construction, allowing the child to be placed snuggly in several different positions.


Individual design

An important element of our offer is also a wide range of colors, patterns and the ability to execute projects with visualization  of selected hospital rooms.
We invite you to ask our  furniture department  team for the expert advices.


Large pull-out drawers

The bed can be equipped with one or two large drawers with plastic inserts. Drawers can be double-sided without a lock or one-sided with a lock. Thanks to this solution you can hide your child's and caregivers' personal things without taking up extra space in the room.


Wire basket and belongings containers

A bed can optionally have a mesh basket in the base. Together with additional colored plastic containers, it is a great place to put things of the baby and caregivers out.


Safety is the top priority

Sparrow meets all medical standards, is safe and at the same aesthetic and functional.


Different options

The bed can be made in many different versions:


  • Low version (1245 mm) or standard (1370mm);
  • The version of the bed made of acid proof stainless steel OH18N9 (AISI 304) for mechanical and automatic cleaning and disinfection in the temperature to 60°C and air drying to 70°C;
  • Side rails with decorative inserts made of HPL;
  • Multicolour bed construction or bed covered with powder varnish  in any colour from the RAL palette;
  • The bed be equipped with one or two segment pallet filled with welded steel or HPL boards. HPL boards are available in one of eigt standard Formed colours.


Additional accessories

  • Large pull-out drawers;
  • Wire basket and containers;
  • Mattress in waterproof and steam permeable cover;
  • The plastic chassis cover with a shelf;
  • Drip bottle holder;
  • Orthopaedic extension system.






Sparrow - S Sparrow - M Sparrow - L




1346 x 750 mm 1540 х 750 mm 1680 х 750 mm


Frame sizes


1080 x 600 mm 1280 х 600 mm 1420 х 600 mm


Bed height


650 to 900 mm 650 to 900 mm 650 - 900 mm


Adjustable head support


0° to 60° 0° to 60° 0° to 60°


Trendelenburg Position


8° 8° 8°


Anti-Trendelenburg Position


Transport Wheel Diameter

100 mm 100 mm 100 mm

Additional accessories included in the standard set


- Two-section wheel made of metal frame.

- Infusion stand with stainless steel hooks.

- Mattres made of polyurethane foam, density 256 kg / sq. m., covered with a 6 cm high breathing, waterproof cаse.

- Carboard coveering a wooden pallet (package)