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Home Accessible EnvironmentStairs climbersLG 2004 - Basic - Antano Stairway Climber Robot

LG 2004 - Basic - Antano Stairway Climber Robot

  • Code:
  • Weight:
    45.000 Kgs

Stairway climber LG2004 150. This electric robot stair climber comes with a new range of accessories providing full compatibility with multi-purpose wheelchairs and electronic wheelchairs.

PLEASE NOTE: Although it does not require much physical effort to operate it, the LG 2004 stair climber must be used with an assistant at all times! The robot supports maximum load of 130 kg.

lg 2004 - Basic - Antano Stairway Climber Robotlg 2004 Basic Antano Stairway Climber RobotStairway climber robot lg 2004 basic handleTracks of stairway robot lg 2004 basic

This mobile stair climber robot provides access over all types of stairways. LG 2004 is one of the most popular stairclimbers worldwide. Designed utilizing the latest technologie, the LG 2004 stair climber is built compact yet powerful enough to take on 130 kg of max load capacity (optinally 150 - 160 kg).


Brackets for wheelchair immobilization


LG 2004 takes less space during storage and can be attached or detached to a wheelchair from the device’s steering rod, without the need to bend down. The LG Stairclimber features innovative, retractable maneuvering wheel, which eliminates two-wheel balancing necessity when it is placed on flat surfaces.


Safety hip belt


The LG 2004 is equipped with safety hip belt with car-style buckle, safe-angle indicator, height adjustable headrestand, and emergency STOP button.


LG04 is a portable and very compact device for clearing stairs on a wheelchair. This electric wheelchair climber is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Unlike the basic model, the LG04 comes upgraded with folding handles, increased maneuverability (the device can maneuver over smaller staircase platforms) and allows for a more convenient operation, thanks to the buttons on the handles.


Although it does not require much physical effort to operate it, the LG 2004 stair climber must be used with an assistant at all times! The robot supports maximum load of 130 kg. 


Battery and power 


The LG2004 with ramps is powered by a powerful battery, which allows it to overcome up to 400 steps on a single charge at a speed of 15 steps per minute.


Although it does not require any physical effort from neither the wheelchair user, nor their assistant, the LG04 must be used with an assistant. The device is suitable for use by disabled users weighing up to 130 kg.



  • Battery backup level indicator
  • Secure mechanism for locking the wheelchair to the device
  • Additional seat belt for the user
  • Anti-slip rubber chain
  • Rubberized handles for the assistant


The locking safety mechanism locks the wheelchair to LG 2004 ensuring safety during transport and making it impossible to separate the wheelchair from the stair climber. The additional stabilizing belt provides extra security for the user. The LG 2004 rubber chain is built extremely strong and with deisgned with a large gripper, which prevents unwanted slipping when climbing or descending stairs. The handles that the assistant handles are also secured with a special coating that improves grip. In the event of an accident, the device can be removed thanks to the crank. The maximum inclination of the steps that can be overcome is 35 degrees, or 70%. The angle of inclination is easily established by means of the level integrated in the frame of the device.


  • The security wheels at the side allow the stair climber to better clear stairs and landings. The mimimum size of stair landings for a hassle-free movement is 100x100 cm.

LG04 is extremely compact and lightweight! The device weighs only 44 kg with the battery and can be easily stored in the trunk of a small car, thanks to its innovative design, allowing the separation of the arm from the main body.


What's more, the new version of this stair climber robot boasts an head-tyning design and modern technologies for overcoming obstacles inside and outside. Thanks to the patented operating system, it is possible to maneuver a small area without any effort on the part of the operator.



SERIES LG 2004/150/A008


Technical details


Total weight

84 Kg 

Weight of the base equipment  

46 Kg

Weight of the handle bar with controls 

38 Kg

Maximum trasportable weight 

 150 Kg 

Max dimension

 144 x 83 x 99 cm

Motor power

300 W

Minimum stairs dimension

93 cm

Minimum dimension of L shaped landing 


Minimum dimension of U shaped landing


Maximum angle

 70% = 35°

Maximum speed



 12 V 27 A/h

Battery operating range (floors)

  27 (with a user up to 80 kg)

Operating range with reserve battery indicator on 

4 floors

Packaging dimension 

116x70x50 cm

Pallets total weight

  101 kg