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Bariatric chair 9062 XXL

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Bariatric chair 9062 XXL

Fixed commode chair Vermeiren 9062 XXLFixed commode chair Vermeiren 9062 XXLFixed commode chair Vermeiren 9062 XXL
  • Express delivery
  • 2 year warranty
  • Payload 175 kg
  • Seat width 60 cm
  • Backrest height 40 cm
  • Chair weight 15 kg
  • Chair width: 78 cm
  • Chair length: 61 cm

Fixed commode chair Vermeiren 9062 XXL

This classic XXL commode chair with Skai upholstery delivers optimal comfort and hygiene. Sturdy fixed armrests and backrest ensures the quality for this commode chair. The recipient has a handle for easy processing and cleaning. With a seat width up to 600 mm and a total users weight up to 175 kg.

The Vermeiren 9062 XXL offers an extremely simple and stable design suitable for overweight people.

The construction of the chair is extremely simple, which contributes to its strength as well as its low weight. The rigid construction of the chair is made of powder coated stainless steel, which allows it to be wetted completely without the risk of corrosion.

This toilet and bathroom accessory has soft, upholstered seats and armrests that contribute to the wearer's comfort of use. All elements of the chair structure are fixed to keep it as sturdy and stable as possible and to withstand heavy users. Under the upholstered seat, the chair has a sanitary container with a lid to facilitate the assistant.



- Soft seat;
- Fixed backrest;
- Sanitary container with lid.