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Bariatric chair Aston

  • Code:
  • Weight:
    21.400 Kgs

Bariatric chair Aston

Bariatric chair Aston

  • Free delivery
  • 2 year warranty
  • Payload 260 kg
  • Seat width 56 cm
  • Chair height 51-56 cm
  • Chair weight 21,4 kg
  • Chair width: 69 cm
  • Chair length: 97-102 cm
  • Aperture size: 30x21 cm

The ASTON commode chair is extremely durable, comfortable and easy to maintain.

ASTON Combined Bathroom Toilet Chair was created with the user and assistant in mind.

Aston is an extremely comfortable and practical toilet chair, providing maximum comfort for its user and facilitating the work of the assistant. The chair is covered with soft upholstery made of PU (material combining the characteristics of rubber and memory foam) for maximum comfort. Upholstered armrests and footrests can be removed to make the transfer of the user as easy as possible.

Wheels with individual brakes allow the chair to move seamlessly from room to room, even with the user on it. They chair can be easily positioned directly above a toilet bowl. The rubberized coating ensures good adhesion even on wet surfaces.

Under the shower, Aston gives a strong and comfortable support to the elderly as well as people with weak muscle tone thanks to the non-slip fabric of its upholstery and the stable backrest and armrests. The clean design with no unnecessary elements makes it easy to clean and easy to store. The chair is made of powder-coated aluminum frame, which prevents corrosion.



- Lightweight aluminum frame
- PU seat, backrest and armrests
- Height adjustment
- Steps with adjustable height and tilt
- Removable and removable legs
- Pot with lid and capacity of 5 liters
- 4 wheels with brakes
- Side folding folding armrests
- Wheels with quick release mechanism