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Home Disability ProductsBariatric Products Lower limb CPM device "ARTHROMOT"

Lower limb CPM device "ARTHROMOT"

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Lower limb CPM device "ARTHROMOT"

 Lower limb CPM device "ARTHROMOT"  Lower limb CPM device "ARTHROMOT"

The Arthromot CPM is a rehabilitative device for excersising the lower limbs, allowing a gradual increase in the angle of extension of the knee, ankle and hip joint.

The unit operates on electricity, moving the device to precisely fold and unfold the patient's joints. The range of motion of the device may be fixed (e.g. from 45 ° to 90 °) or gradually increased (e.g. by 1 degree per minute) until it reaches a predefined maximum extension angle or flexion. Movement speed can also be adjusted to deliver the most comfortable therapy according to the personal requirements and needs of each patient.



This movement device is controlled by remote control, which facilitates control of the therapy by the patient. The remote control has an emergency change-of-direction button, which can be changed instantly upon detection of excessive tension / contraction.


  • All therapeutic settings can be adjusted by the unit itself and by remote control.
  • Support belts to secure the limbs properly.
  • You can automatically switch to angle and speed control.
  • Range of movements in the knee joint: -5 ° to 120 °.
  • Movement in hip joint: 25 ° to 100 °.
  • Range of ankle movements: 0 ° to 40 °.
  • 9 stages for speed control.
  • Counts the degrees at the current angle.
  • Maximum height of the user: 180 cm


This appliance is only available on request after an advance payment! Estimated Delivery - 4 weeks!