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Home Disability ProductsStanding FramesElectric verticalization table SP-E1

Electric verticalization table SP-E1

  • Code:
  • Weight:
    6.000 Kgs

Electric verticalization table SP-E1

Electric verticalization table  SP-E1

The Electric verticalization table is made of powder-coated metal panels. 


The SP-E2 tables are used for verticalization of the patient after prolonged immobilization due to paralysis, multiple postoperative cases and severe spinal cord injuries.

The masses can also be used for therapy in children with postural problems and childhood cerebral palsy.


Designed for patients in hospitals, hospices and at home for gradual verticalization.




Table length x width

201 х 68 cm

Surface area

196 х 60 cm

Adjustable height

85 cm

Seat length in vertical position

204 cm

Seat angle adjustment

От 0 до 90°


65 kg

Maximum user weight

150 kg.


Additional equipment:

Easy Movement System - 4 rotating wheels.

Pedal height adjustment system.

Foot stabilization