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Home Disability ProductsBathroom ChairsFolding combined bathroom/toilet chair Vermeiren 9042

Folding combined bathroom/toilet chair Vermeiren 9042

Vermeiren 9042 foldable commode chair

Vermeiren 9042 Foldable Commode Chair
  • Free delivery
  • 2 year warranty
  • Payload 80 kg
  • Seat width 46 cm
  • Chair height 45 cm
  • Chair weight 8,7 kg
  • Chair width: 58 cm
  • Chair length: 56 cm
  • Aperture size: 27x21 cm
The Vermeiren 9042 foldable commode chair is extremely stable and compact. The chair has an easy-to-clean leather upholstery, as well as a sturdy and lightweight folding design that allows it to be easily stored in a small area when not in use.

The Vermeiren 9042 meets all European standards for safety and quality and offers an extremely good value for money. The seat weighs only 7kg, but it still supports users up to 80kg.

The chair has lifting armrests and rubberized legs that give it even more stability.



  • Portable, reusable, foldable commode chair. Not for use as a shower stool or for Überstellen fixed toiletten;
  • Flip up under padded arm rest;
  • Padded seat glasses;
  • Padded seat cover to cover;
  • Includes toilet bin with lid.


The chair can be used in the following cases:

- during rehabilitation after fractures and injuries in the pelvis
- wheen needed to isolate the pressure on the femur
- weakness in the muscles of the lower limbs (but sufficient strength in the upper limbs)
- post-traumatic conditions in the lumbar spine
- damage to the peripheral nerves and nerve roots
- loss of balance, lack of good coordination