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Home Disability ProductsBathroom ChairsCombined bathroom/toilet chair Vermeiren 9139

Combined bathroom/toilet chair Vermeiren 9139

Combined bathroom/toilet chair Vermeiren 9139

Combined bathroom/toilet chair Vermeiren 9139
  • Free delivery
  • 2 year warranty
  • Payload 100 kg
  • Seat width 45 cm
  • Chair height 44 cm
  • Chair weight 14 kg
  • Chair width: 58 cm
  • Chair length: 82 cm
  • Aperture size: 27x16 cm

Multifunctional chair 3 in 1:

- Toilet chair;
- Bathroom chair;
- Wheelchair.

The Vermeiren 9139 is an extremely comfortable combo chair for toilet and bathroom use. The chair is made of powder coated steel, upholstered with extremely comfortable soft upholstery that is easy to clean.

Maximum convenience and comfort

The chair has removable armrests and a backrest that, in combination with the folding armrests, facilitate the transfer of the patient to and from him, eliminating all obstacles. The wheels of this toilet seat help to position it easily over the toilet bowl, which greatly facilitates the work of the assistant. If this is not possible, the chair is also equipped with a sanitary container with a lid. Soft upholstery allows for easy cleaning and contributes to the optimum comfort and warmth of the wearer.



The rubberized chair wheels ensure perfect grip even on wet surfaces, and the sturdy rear wheel brakes secure it in one place. The sturdy, powder-coated frame offers maximum stability and security.