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Home Disability ProductsBathroom ChairsCombined bathroom/toilet chair Vermeiren 139B

Combined bathroom/toilet chair Vermeiren 139B

Combined bathroom/toilet chair Vermeiren 139B

Combined bathroom/toilet chair Vermeiren 139B
  • Express delivery
  • 2 year warranty
  • Payload 120 kg
  • Seat width 42 cm
  • Chair height 53 cm
  • Chair weight 14 kg
  • Chair width: 57 cm

Rolling commode chair - Multifunctional chair 3 in 1

- Toilet chair;
- Bathroom chair;
- Transport chair.



- Folding construction made of powder coated steel
- Soft seat
- Drop legs
- Removable backrest
- Folding, upholstered armrests
- Rear wheel brakes
- Sanitary container with lid


The Vermeiren 139E is a high quality convenient commode chair with wheels, swing away armrests and footrests. Locks on the both rear wheels, soft padded seat and armpads. Comes complete with a plastic, removable toilet bucket with handle.
The sturdy frame of the chair is powder-coated, allowing it to be wetted completely without reducing its life and causing corrosion. The soft leather upholstery of the seat and armrests does not retain water and is easily washed. The leather backrest of the chair provides additional support for users with weak muscle tone. Rubber wheels (with individual brakes) offer perfect grip on the surface of the foot, even if it is wet.


Toilet Chair

The chair has a sanitary container with a lid under its seat, making it an extremely convenient commode chair for the elderly with disabilities. The chair offers unrivaled stability and provides comfort for both the user and the assistant. It can be easily positioned directly above the toilet seat as the frame design fits over almost all modern toilet seats.


Transport Wheelchair

The design and construction of the Vermeiren 139B 3-in1 toilet and bath chair makes it reliable enough to be used even as a short-haul truck for indoor use. The large rubber wheels allow it to overcome small obstacles, while the comfortable and soft fabric of the seat and armrests make it comfortable enough for the wearer.