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Bathtub lift Bellavita

Bathtub lift Belavita

Bathtub lift BelavitaBathtub lift BelavitaBathtub lift BelavitaBathtub lift Belavita

The Belavita is the lightest bathtub lift weighing only 9 kg. It is suitable for use in both standard and deeper tubs due to adjustable seat height. The maximum height it can reach is 48 cm.

  • With a minimum seat height of 6 cm, the Belavita is the lowest lift out there.
  • The backrest tilt can reach up to 50 degrees
  • Installing the lift is quick and easy, without the need for tools
  • Easy access to the waterproof remote control
  • The fast rechargeable lithium-ion battery is housed in the remote control
  • The construction of the elevator is two-part, which facilitates its transportation
  • The profiles are thin and easy to grip
  • The seat and backrest are upholstered with a comfortable, non-slip fabric that can be washed
  • The seat has a hygienic opening
  • The base feet provide the necessary stability as they are gripped by vacuum. It can only be carried out on a smooth surface
  • When the lift is not needed, the backrest can be retracted to the seat