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Home Disability ProductsBathroom ChairsCombined bathroom/toilet chair Etak Clean

Combined bathroom/toilet chair Etak Clean

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Combined bathroom/toilet chair Etak Clean

Combined bathroom/toilet chair Etak CleanCombined bathroom/toilet chair Etak Clean
  • Express delivery
  • 2 year warranty
  • Payload 130 kg
  • Seat width 48 cm
  • Chair height 48 - 60 cm
  • Chair weight 14.2 kg
  • Chair width: 54 cm
  • Chair length: 56cm
  • Aperture size: 36x22 cm
Etak Clean is a high-end mobile bathroom & toilet chair characterized by an innovative and extremely practical design. The chair features a mobile base with rubberized wheels that make maneuvering in cramped spaces as easy as child's play. The chair can be easily positioned above any toilet bowl (even over a wall-mounted one).

The curved shapes of the chair, combined with the wide backrest, armrests and footpads make it very comfortable for the user. The large handle / handlebar and wheel brakes make it easy for the assistant and provide maximum security and peace of mind.

The chair is made of powder coated stainless steel and is extremely easy to maintain and clean.