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Home Disability ProductsAntidecubitus MattressesPassive anti-decubitus mattress OCEANIS

Passive anti-decubitus mattress OCEANIS

  • Code:
  • Weight:
    7.000 Kgs

Passive anti-decubitus mattress OCEANIS

Passive anti-decubitus mattress OCEANISPassive anti-decubitus mattress OCEANISPassive anti-decubitus mattress OCEANISPassive anti-decubitus mattress OCEANIS
  • Express delivery
  • 2 year warranty
  • User weight up to: 180 kg
  • Mattress size: 21 х 90 x 200 cm
  • Compressor YES
  • Suitable for bed with up to: 3 sections

The OKEANIS is a high quiality passive antidecubital mattress, consisting of 3 separate parts made of high quality memory foam. Each part is further grooved and divided into many small cubes that move autonomously and favor the optimal distribution of body weight.

The gaps between the cubes provide excellent ventilation of the body.


Elastic (refractory) foam

The elastic refractory foam adapts to the wearer's anatomical curves, thus reducing the number of excessively exposed points of the body.


3-sector construction + special waterproof case

The three sectors of the mattress come together in a special waterproof case that is easy to clean and can be washed at 90 degrees.


  • Overall dimensions of the mattress: 88 x 198 x 17.3 cm
  • Waterproof case, covering the three parts in one
  • Dimensions of individual parts: 66 x 88 x 17.3 cm
  • Manufacturer: Pharmaouest France