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Home Hospital BedsElectric hospital bed "Comfort plus"

Electric hospital bed "Comfort plus"

  • Code:
  • Weight:
    80.000 Kgs

Electric hospital bed "Comfort plus". 


This specilized electric hospital bed features a four-section constuction and is available without the side rails and trapeze (can be purchased separately). If the bed is placed next to a wall, only one side panel can be used.


This hospital bed is designed to make life easy for both the patient and his assistant during daily activities such as feeding, changing clothes and rehabilitation. The electric hospital bed "Comfort +" is perfect for patients who spend a long time lying down.

Options Options
Electric Hospital Bed COMFORT PLUSElectric Hospital Bed COMFORT PLUS
  • Express delivery
  • 2 year warranty
  • User weight up to 170 kg
  • Bed height 40-80 cm
  • Bed width 105 cm
  • Bed length 219 cm
  • Mattress frame dimensions 90x200 cm
  • Heaviest part weight: 22 kg
  • Number of sections 4
  • Mechanical / Electrical Electrical
Four-section electric hospital bed. The bed comes with no side rails and trapeze, but they can be purchased separately (if the bed is placed against a wall, only one side rail can be purchased)

This hospital bed facilitates both the patient and his / her assistant in performing daily activities such as eating, dressing and rehabilitation. The bed is suitable for patients who spend long periods of time lying down.


  • The bed is equipped with two additional panels on the sides covering the motors, giving it a more aesthetic look;
  • Adjustable sections: adjustable for head section, foot section and bed height adjustment via remote control;
  • Side barriers: Side barriers provide additional security for the user. (Optional);
  • Lift lever: facilitates change of position and facilitates easier seating for the wearer. (Optional);
  • Wheels: The bed is equipped with lockable wheels for easier positioning;
  • The bed can be easily assembled without additional tools and can be disassembled into four parts (each part weighs no more than 22 kg).