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Home Disability ProductsElectric ScootersElectric scooter Vermeiren CERES

Electric scooter Vermeiren CERES

Electric scooter Vermeiren CERES

Electric scooter Vermeiren CERES
  • Express delivery
  • 2 year warranty
  • User weight: 135 kg
  • Maximum speed : 12 (km/h)
  • Distance on a single charge: up to 30 km
  • Seat width: 47 cm
  • Seat debth: 40 cm
  • Backrest height: 75 cm
  • Wheelchair weight: 115 kg
  • Wheelchair width: 61 cm
  • Wheelchair length: 131 cm

CERES 4 Our new scooter– wide possibility . Modern Dsign .The aggressive appearance goes hand in hand with performance – 12km/h maximum speed, as the basic model is impressive.

  • basket 
  • anti-tipping wheels
  • bumper
  • wide wheels
  • rotated chair 
  • moved chair (forward and backward)
  • adjust angle
  • swings armchair 
  • easy in transport 
  • ergonomic   
  • compact
The Vermeiren CERES 4 is a high grade mobility scooter designed with comfort and safety in mind. The scooter is for use both indoors and outdoors. It comes with 4 oversize wheels, allowing it to overcome rough terrain and to overcome obstacles up to 100 mm high.


The maximum speed the CERES 4 electric scooter can reach is 12 km / h, which is higher compared to other mobility scooters in the same price range. The average distance that the CERES 4 can go without requiring a recharge is the impressive 30 km. 

Included with the base CERES 4 model:

- Rearview mirror;
- Side lights ;
- Front light;
- Head support (adjustable);
- Shopping basket.

The CERES 4 mobility scooter comes fully equipped with extra safety features as well as features for optimal user comfort. 


The adjustable head support and armrest support, combined with ergonomic, upholstered seat and backrest, ensure perfect user positioning at all times.   

Getting on and off the scooter is a breeze thanks to the rotating, adjustable seat which can be adjusted back and forth as well as sideways.



User safety is ensured thanks to the intelligent electromagnetic brake system and safety wheels designed to prevent roll up. In addition, the CERES 4 electric scooter features a sturdy front bumper and anti-slip foot padding for an added layer of safety.