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Home Disability ProductsElectric ScootersElectric scooter Vermeiren VENUS

Electric scooter Vermeiren VENUS

Electric scooter Vermeiren VENUS

Electric scooter Vermeiren VENUSElectric scooter Vermeiren VENUSElectric scooter Vermeiren VENUSElectric scooter Vermeiren VENUS
  • Express delivery
  • 2 year warranty
  • Size: V3 V4 V4S
  • User weight (kg): 130 130 115
  • Maximum speed (km/h): 6 6 6
  • Distance on a single charge (km): 10.5 10.5 16
  • Seat width (cm): ? ? ?
  • Seat debth (cm): ? ? ?
  • Backrest height (cm): ? ? ?
  • Scooter weight (kg): 43 46 55
  • Scooter width(cm): 51 51 55
  • Scooter length (cm): 109 107 104

The Vermeiren VENUS 4 is small foldable mobility scooter, very usefull in big trade centres and indoor use.

Due to its low weight and completely foldable construction it is very easy to load to the car. VENUS is all you need - stability, style, comfort, and durability. 



  • comfort seat and back
  • basket 
  • turning chair 
  • completely foldable
  • easy transport 
  • ergonomic
  • compact   
The Vermeiren Venus is an easy to transport disabilites scooter with 3 or 4 wheels, designed for use indoors on a flat surface. Comfortable and reliable, the Venus is also easily disassembled.

The must-have electric scooter

The Venus mobility scooter features modern controls and easy-to-read LED display with battery life indicator. The seat of this bestselling mobility scooter is easy to adjust in height and length, allowing ofr easy getting on and off the scooter, thanks to the 90-degree rotation functionality. The armrest support is designed very comfortable and are upholtered with eco leather. And, they are easily adjustable in width. The steering wheelalso can be adjusted easily. Built in is a locking mechanism for added security. Last but not least, the Vermeiren Venus electric scooter comes with a convenient shopping basket, which is a must-have accessory.


Speed, incline and maximum distance

The maximum speed that the Venus can reach is 6 km/h while the maximuim distance it can cover before requiring recharge is 16 km. This accessibility scooter is built to overcome inclines up to 8 degrees. The turing raduis of the Venus 3 is 1330 mm, while the turning radius of the Venus 4 is 2420 mm.

Safety and brake system

Safety is ensured thanks to the intelligent electromagnetic brake system. The maximum load capacity of this reliable mobility scooter is 130 kg.