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Home Disability ProductsElectric WheelchairsElectric wheelchair Vermeiren SQUOD Stand up

Electric wheelchair Vermeiren SQUOD Stand up

Electric wheelchair Vermeiren SQUOD Stand up

Electric wheelchair Vermeiren SKOUD Stand up
  • Express delivery
  • 2 year warranty
  • User weight 130 kg
  • Maximum speed 6 (km/h)
  • Distance on a single charge 30 km
  • Seat width 45 cm
  • Seat debth 55 cm
  • Backrest height 51/61 cm
  • Wheelchair weight 121 kg
  • Wheelchair length 124 cm
  • Wheelchair width 65 cm
  • Wheel type (pumping / rigid): P



The Vermeiren SQUOD is the ideal electronic wheelchair designed for inside and outside use. The seat and backrest makes the user feel comfortable and at ease in any situation.


The collapsible controller comes in handy when you like to move closer to a table. This new Squod version offers a complete stand-function allowing you to raise yourself safely. Additional knee support and a chest-safetybelt will keep you steady at all times. Any excessive amount of plastics only pure, strong construction. SQUOD is a combination of comfort and technology. Modern wheelchair but very easy to use.


Verticalizer wheelchair of unparalleled comfort and safety



The Squod Stand-Up wheelchair is designed to guarantee the user safety in both seated and standing position, thanks to its extra sturdy knee support and fixated chest belt and anti roll-up wheels. The intelligent electromagnetic brake system is yet another great safety feature of the Vermeiren Squod wheelchair.  

Ultimate comfort 

The Squod Stand up wheelchair comes with soft cushions on the seat and backrest, ensuring maximum comfort evene during prolonged periods of usage. The adjustable head support and extended chest support allow for a perfect user positioning in any situation. The fold-away control stick allows for a hassle free controlling of the wheelchair.   


Technical specification

The maximum speed the Vermeiren Squod develops is 6 kph, and the distance the wheelchair can cover before requiring recharge is the impressive 30 km! In addition, the Squod is built to overcome incline of up to 6 degrees, or 10.5%. The rotation diameter of the wheelchair 1400 mm. The realease of the motors allows the wheelchair to be put in motion by an assistant. The maximum load capacity of the SQUOD is 130 km.