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Home Disability ProductsWheelchairsComfort Wheelchair Vermeiren INOVYS II

Comfort Wheelchair Vermeiren INOVYS II

Comfort Wheelchair Vermeiren INOVYS II

Comfort Wheelcahir Vermeiren INOVYS IIComfort Wheelcahir Vermeiren INOVYS II

Comfort Wheelchair Vermeiren INOVYS II


The Inovys II is a new-generation comfort wheelchair designed to provide the user with a range of easy adjustments. The seat and backrest can independently be reclined. This comfort wheelchair by Vermeiren can be ordered with large, rear wheels or small (T30) rear wheels.

Unparalleled user comfort

Easy to adjust for optimal user comfort, the Inovys II is ideal for use by adults or children with disabilities. The Inovys II is particularly beneficial to active users with lower limb problems or people who remain seated for prolonged periods of time. The easy-to-adjust height, seat recline and armrest are covered in comfortable memory foam, providing premium comfort combined with a wide variety of adjustments. In addition, the Inovys II features premium head support and side support to help in maintaining the correct body position of the user.  

Manually propelled comfort chair for transfer and rest

The Vermeiren Inovys II comfort chair features a tilt function that allows the user set the perfect angle.

This wheelchair is exceptionally strong and yet lightweight, making it ideal for use indoors or outdoors. It is available in 3 sizes for user up to 135 kg.