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State reimbursement


ADAPT BG Lts. is a Bulgarian company which specializes in sales of equipment for people with disabilities.  The company occupies a spacious showroom in the city of Sofia and also operates through an online store.  

Our young and ambitious team strives to offer the best customer service, excellent prices and quick deliveries.  All of our staff is English speaking and ready to assist you.    We have an occupational therapist in our office who can provide valuable advise and consultation.  


In our effort to offer a variety of quality products, we work together with occupational therapists and other medical staff who are knowledgeable about the needs of people with disabilities.  Our emphasis is on pediatric products as we think children with special needs should have access to the various equipment and devices which can help them in the rehabilitation process and their every day life.  


Our aim is to offer products with excellent price and quality.  We represent companies which have proven history of successful manufacturing and sales of special needs equipment.  Among these are Rifton Equipment, U.S.A., Akces Med, Poland, Special Tomato, U.S.A., Drive Medical, U.K. and others.  

Our slogan is "FOR BETTER LIFE" and it reflects what we are striving to achieve for out clients through the products we sell and the service we offer.  

Our company is a licensed whole saler of medical devices from the Bulgarian Drug Agency and a registered retailer with the Agency for People with Disabilities (copy of permit can be downloaded here.


We are open to your ideas how to improve our practices and offer a better service and product range.  We maintain a blog which is only in Bulgarian for the time being but we will do our best to offer a translation in the coming months.  


Our showroom is located at 121 Tri Ushi St., Zona B-19, 1309 Sofia, Bulgaria.  We stock almost 100% of the items on our website and can quickly ship to any location.  We accept payment through credit/debit card and bank transfer.