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Privacy Statement

Global Enterprise ltd. is dedicated to customer support. This policy explains our commitments to you pertaining to how we manage personal data on an ongoing basis.

What is Personal Data and why is it important that we have it?
Personal Data is the information or an expressed opinion through which an individual is identified.

These include names, postal and electronic addresses, and phone and fax numbers. Personal Data of this kind can be obtained in interview or correspondence, over the phone or via fax, email, through our website or from third parties – or a combination of any of these. We don’t use cookies on our site. However, we do not guarantee that website links to external sites or our third parties do not use this technology.

Our primary aim in collecting your Personal Data is the provision of our services and products to you, or of your or general marketing information to our clients, and for the purposes of marketing. We may use your information for ancillary purposes that are directly related to the primary aim, under circumstances of use or disclosure that could be reasonably expected. To remove yourself from updates about our products or associated material, you can simply inform us via email or let us know.

When it’s possible and appropriate for us to do so, we will inform you why we are collecting your details and what we intend to do with it.

Sensitive Information
Sensitive information relates to data or opinions on an individual such as
Race or ethnicity
Criminal record
Health information
Political party, association, trade union or professional body membership
Philosophical or religious belief

The same rules are true for your sensitive information as for your personal data when it comes to the holding of it for the purposes outlined, under permission given by you and in circumstances where it is either required or authorized legally.

Third Parties
We will usually receive any details about yourself from you alone. However, if we receive any information about you from anyone other than you, we will do all we can – within reason – to apprise you of this.

Disclosure of Your Data
Your personal data is subject to disclosure when required or authorized by the law, and to third parties where you approve your data to be used or to be disclosed.

Security of Personal Data
When it comes to data storage, we retain it in a way that means it is protected – within reason – from misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure or modification. In general, most of the personal data we hold will be kept for a minimum of seven years. After the personal data is no longer required for its purposes or the seven year period, we will take reasonable measures to destroy or de-personalize information specific to you.

Access to your Personal Data
You can request access to all the details we hold about you by writing to us free of charge. You may incur a fee for the provision of a copy of those details. We may require confirmation of your identity from you before releasing your details to you.

Maintaining the Quality of your Personal Information
Because keeping your details up to date is important for the provision of our services, it is important that we are apprised of any changes to your information.

Updates in Privacy Policy
In the event of any change to this policy, the policy itself can be found at our office or on the web site to anyone who asks for it.

If you wish to lodge a complaint about a breach of our privacy policy, you can contact us.

Queries about Privacy Policy

Any queries related to the policy can be directed to our offices at our office at:
113 Gotse Delchev Blvd., Office 8, 1404 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 2 4420424
E-mail :