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Oxygen Concentrator Kröber O2

Oxygen Concentrator Kröber O2

Weight: 24.000 Kgs
Code: 78

Oxygen Concentrator Kröber O2

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Special Needs Equipment now also offers the oxygen concentrator KRÖBER O2.  This machine is designed to help those people who suffer from a range of breathing difficulties, be that due to congenital illnesses, old age, smoking related disease or any other type of issue.
Because people who have these types of disabilities often also have mobility issues, the device is so designed that it is easy to switch on and off, mobile and can be carried without difficulty.  The filters and other components can be accessed without trouble, making it possible to look after the device whenever necessary, including regular servicing.  The instruction book included with the device explains exactly how to use it, how to care for it and how to store it.  In order to make sure breathing is pleasant at all times and there is no unnecessary mucus production, the air is always humidified internally.
The oxygen concentrator KRÖBER O2 also includes breathing tubes in varying sizes, which allows different patients to restfully use the machine.  Please contact us today via telephone or via the contact form on our website should you be interested in the oxygen concentrator KRÖBER O2.  A representative from our store will happily discuss your wishes with you.



  • user´s manual
  • angular connector for humidifier
  • humidifier, refillable
  • nasal cannula 2m and 5m



Technical data:


Operating power 230V/50Hz
Operating temperature +10- +40
Sound level 35 dB
Power consumption  350 W
Dust filter on the back
Fine filter under the removable cover 

mains 230V 2XTT2,5 A H 250V

internal 1XT1,0 A L 250V

Alarms temperature, power failure, flow, oxygen, system 
Weight 19.8 kg
Size 535x203x520 mm without rollers
Manufacturer´s warranty 30.000 operating hours (max. 5 years)   
Flow adjustment 

0-2 l/min in 0,1 steps

2-4 l/min in 0,2 steps

4-6 l/min in 0,5 steps


1-4 l/min 95% 

4-5 l/min 85%

5-6 l/min 75%

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