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Pediatric bath chair PEPI

Pediatric bath chair PEPI

Weight: 5.000 Kgs
Code: 575

Deckchair for bath for children PEPI

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  • Construction made of aluminum,
  • Material transmits water , fast dry.
  • Adjust the angle of inclination of four segments: head, back, thighs, calves.
  • Headrest made of a material which does not allow the head immersed in water, regulated
  • Belts for pectoral and foot.
  • Submitted exclusively to the small size
  • The possibility of fastening belts in different positions.
Technical data:
  • width: 42 cm
  • overall length: 111 cm
  • back length: 39 cm
  • length of the head: 24 cm
  • length of the calves: 24 cm






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