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Static Standing frame PARAPION

Static Standing frame PARAPION

Weight: 22.000 Kgs
Code: 534-1

Static Standing frame PARAPION


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The static standing frame PARAPION is made for patients who need to achieve the passive upright position.  
It improves circulation to the internal organs and heightens the sense of balance.  Clients are able to perform a range of activities in this frame.  It is a very safe and comfortable system that enables the customers to be moved to different locations.
General Features and Specifications of the Static Standing Frame PARAPION
  • The frame offers perfect stabilisation as well as a wide range of adjustments.  
  • Besides this, it is very simple and quick to make the adjustments.
  • The frame is created for people of different sizes, from child to adult and allows them to play a more active role in family or social life.
  • The frame is developed for children, young adults and adults.  
  • It is particularly appropriate for those people who suffer from illnesses or trauma that have led to paralysis or paresis, as well as for those who have mobility issues due to arthritis.
The frame comes with a range of optional extras, including:
  • Tray for manual therapy
  • High armpit supports
  • Low armpit supports
  • Comfortable knee supports
  • A longer belt
  • Forearm supports
  • Trays
  • Anti-bedsore cushions

Optional equipment (NOT included in the price):



Tray for manual therapy                         Low armpits supports                                  High armpits supports



Tray for manual therapy (for size 2, 3)    Independently adjustable knee support (Z)        Forearm supports




                                  Longer pelvic or chest belt (Z)                                 Tray (for size 2, 3)




                 Size 1                                  Size 2                                        Size 3




How to Measure




How to Measure


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