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Knee joint brace with splint 1R and support EB-SK/1R

Knee joint brace with splint 1R and support EB-SK/1R

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Knee joint brace with splint 1R and support EB-SK/1R


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Product Description

EB-SK/1R knee brace is closed construction professional medical device, which increases the gait quality and is the support in rehabilitation of the locomotor system. It is made of a structural material ProFit, what means professional fitting. This is a 2-layer fabric, perfectly fitting patient’s body, stretching in all directions and modelling the limb- creating, so-called, the second skin. The device is equipped with two independent sets of Velcro straps, ACL support and 1-axial sides splints 1R orthodesign. The splints are made of high quality polyamide with the carbon fibres and with ROM adjustment. The adjustment is provided by special steel pins in every 15o. The knee brace is light, so it is the great solution as an support during the work or sport.
The side parts are made of innovative material called AirSanmed.
AirSanmed is not elastic what provides excellent stabilization. The skin has contact with cotton terry with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate. There is semi-rigid perforated foam EVA inside that protect the skin against the metal splints influence. External side of the fabric is perforated medical laminate with antibacterial properties of Silver Zeolite. It provides long-term efficacy and prevents against the most dangerous infectious microorganisms such as MRSA and E.coli. AirSanmed is accordance with Health Minister`s ordinance of 3 November 2004 and Council Directive 93/42/EWG of 14 June 1993.
Available Sizes
Purpose Of Use:
  • the ligaments injuries (ACL, PCL, LCL, MCL)
  • knee sprain or strain
  • knee dislocation
  • in joint degenerations and instability caused by sudden injuries or other conditions
  • prophylactically in sport
Setting Up
Splints 1R 
The orthopaedic splints 1R is the innovative solution with flexion and extension adjustment. The drop lock is very small (diameter: 30 mm) and provides 15o ROM adjustment. In addition, we apply the allen screws, which are mounted by steel pins and magnet. The most innovative is the blocking disk with the ratchet, which ensures required angle of ROM. In the short knee braces the splints 1R are universal, so they fit for both legs, but in the long knee braces the splints 1R have anatomic shape for right or left leg.
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