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Product Description:
Ankle support EB-SS is made of a structural material ProFit – meaning professional fit. It is a 2-layer fabric, perfectly fitting patient’s body, stretching in all directions and modeling the limb- creating the, so called, second skin.
Available Sizes: 
Left/right side available
  • Stabilization and warming up of the ankle joint, reduction of pain, improvement of movement ability and quality.
  • The support is made of material which provides elastic pressure to the foot during its movement which helps reduce post-injury swelling and plays prevention role in sport training.
  • The application and conditions of use depend on the decision of the leading doctor.
Purpose Of Use:
  • after ankle joint injuries such as strain
  • as an support after fractures and surgeries
  • ankle instability
  • ankle degeneration
  • prophylactically in physical activities
  • Too tight application of the support or too small size may cause ischaemia of toes and feet 
  • In case of coexisting varicose vein, previous inflammation of veins, swelling of legs – use of the brace is possible only on specifically selected varicose veins knee-height socks or stockings with II* pressure 
  • In case of skin changes in place where the brace touches the skin (abrasions, injuries, skin eczema) it is necessary to contact your doctor. The use of the brace is possible after a dressing is applied. 
  • The correctness of the use of the brace should be especially controlled in case of children, patients with memory failure and abalienated 
  • Not following the instruction during use of the support may result in serious complications 
  • Patients using the support without the recommendation of the doctor or therapist use it on their own risk 
Setting Up
Information For Patients:
  • Only properly selected, fitted and used support fulfils its function – incorrect use may cause increase of problems with the joint, skin abrasion, problems with walking, swelling of shin and foot, varicose veins, vein inflammation - instruction regarding use of the support is given by the leading doctor of therapist. 
  • In case of new skin abrasions or injuries use the support on dressing 
  • In case of swelling of feet and toes– use of the brace must be limited or impossible 
  • In case of skin allergic reactions due to the use of the support, please contact a doctor. 
  • Lack of personal hygiene or wrong maintenance of the product (insufficient washing and rinsing) may lead to skin abrasion, rushes, allergic reactions connected with excessive sweating and development of bacteria. 
  • Hand wash in 30° warm water with soap 
  • Do not iron 
  • Do not use chlorine 
  • Dry far from the sources of heat 
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